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SSFF 2023 Winners!!!

Shawna Spirit Award Winners

Patrick Bracken
Joe Badon
Jaina Cipriano
Luigi Cozzi
Richard Griffin
Adam Griswold
Jerry Landi
Diana Porter
Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid


Feature Length Movies

Drawing in the Sky by Shoko Ito
Fang by Richard Burgin
Wallie's Gals by Mary C. Ferrara

Short Movies
Always Wear Comfortable Shoes
by Angie Hansen
Dibs on Mars by Julia Tutko-Balena
Don’t Be a Coward by Lana Marks
Dungeon Cave by Tobin Cleary
Her Ghost by Jade Kerry
Motherlode by Grace Perry
My Over There by Bob Celli
Ocean Child by Marilyn Swick
The Perfect Day by John Lynch
The Sleepover by Clara Porter
Venus by Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds

Fetal Position by Tabatha Jeaux
Jaw by Miriam Olken

Festival Awards


Best Of Fest Feature
Unpacking by Alexandra Clayton & Michal Sinnott


Best Feature
In The Weeds by Clayton Allis & Doug E. Doug

Best Doc Feature
From Good Homes: Charlie Loves Our Band
by Victor Guadagno

Best International Feature
OnlyHuman by Yana Klimova-Yusupova

Best Genre Feature
Fang by Richard Burgin

Best New England Feature
Disorienting Dick by Richard Griffin

Best Director
Richard Burgin for Fang

Best Performance
Dylan LaRay for Fang
Lynn Lowry for Fang

Best Ensemble Cast
Unpacking by Alexandra Clayton & Michal Sinnott


Best of Fest Short
Motherlode by Grace Perry


Best Short
Follower by Scott W. Perry

Best Local Short
An Occurrence by Dien Vo

Best Comedy Short
Don’t Be a Coward by Lana Marks


Best Horror Short
The Surrogate by Erica Stockwell-Alpert

Best Local Horror Short
The Devil on Derby Street by Luke St. Germaine


WTF Award
The Harrow by Jimmy Martin

Best Long Short
Step Right Up by Kris Salvi


Best International Short
Wuss by Nadine Wilson

Best Short Doc
Ivy Grace by Allie Delury & Mariah Harkey

Best Animation
Motherlode by Grace Perry

Best Music Video
Waiting on the 829 by Alison Chaves

Best Mobile Device
One Room by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid


Best Experimental
The Garden (1910) by Troy Minkowsky

Best Student Short
Swing 46: The Last Swingin’ Supper Club
by Jay Kay

Best Stunts
Rumble Riot by Joey Min

Phil “Skippy” Adams Award
Good Looking Out by Seth Chatfield
Best Poetry Film
Free Like Seagulls by Jerry Landi

Best Pilot Episode
Lobster Spouse by Michael Elliott Dennis

Best Trailer
From the Void with Love by Richard Chandler

Best Screenplays
Best Feature Screenplay
The Black Pearl by Sue Karypidis

Best Short Screenplay
Fetal Position by Tabatha Jeaux Dummitt

Screenplay Certificate Awards

Short Length Screenplay
Jaw by Miriam Olken
Generation Service by Kiwana Rose


Feature Length Screenplay
Fade In, Fade Out by Rob Levinson
Girl Aloud by Mary C. Ferrara


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