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UnderGround Wednesday
Free Film Screening

On the last Wednesday of every month the Shawna Foundation presents Underground Wednesday Film Screenings of classic and cult films at starlite, 39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge MA at 7:00PM with hosts Patrick Bracken and Skip Shea.

September 27, 2023

We have a special treat in store for September's UnderGround Wednesday Screening! We will be showing the Silent Italian Classic L'Inferno (1911) an adaption of Dante's Inferno. It was the first feature length film in Italy and took three years to make. The sets and costumes are brilliant by today's standards. And they accomplished some of the best practical effects that make a lot of green screen and CGI look amateurish. 

And to add to the ambiance of the evening we will have live musical accompaniment by D.U.M.E. a synth labyrinth led by Alec K. Redfearn with Dustin T. Rooney. 

You can find their music here on Bandcamp.

Previous Screenings

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