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UnderGround Wednesday
Free Film Screening

On the last Wednesday of every month the Shawna Foundation presents Underground Wednesday Film Screenings of classic and cult films at starlite, 39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge MA at 7:00PM with hosts Patrick Bracken and Skip Shea.

March 29, 2023

Join us for a Free screening of the classic film, The Hitch-Hiker directed by Ida Lupino. A star of such films as High Sierra (1941) where she got top billing over Humphrey Bogart.

By the late 1940s, Lupino decided to challenge the system. “There was an absolute and iron-clad system in the film capital in the 1940s and 1950s which, it seems to me, had its primary purpose to exclude females,” she wrote in Ida Lupino: Beyond the Camera.

And she succeeded directing such groundbreaking films as Outrage (1951), The Bigamist (1953) and The Hitch-Hiker, a brutal film noir released 70 years ago on March 21st 1953 in Boston. .

Ray (Edmond O'Brien) and Gilbert's (Frank Lovejoy) fishing trip takes a terrifying turn when the hitchhiker (William Talman) they pick up turns out to be a sociopath on the run from the law. He's killed before, and he lets the two know that as soon as they're no longer useful, he'll kill again. The two friends plot an escape, but the hitchhiker's peculiar physical affliction, an eye that never closes even when he sleeps, make it impossible for them to tell when they can make a break for it

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