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2024 Schedule

Opening Night!

April 25

39 Hamilton Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts  

Shorts Block

Doing a Bit by Abigail Rose Sullivan            

The Hit by Joseph Anthony Marcello            

A Bad Day by Mo Faisal            

Old Parish Preservation Volunteers by Maura Smith
             & Kate Smith

First Generations, Second Class Relics,

          Third Degree Burns by Anne Ciecko        

A Lost Sense by Cole Paul            

How to Clean: An ADHD Story by Lauren Leger

Aberdeen by Talia Krohmal        

Baby Shrooms by  Colin Mader    

Made in Bridgeport by Agustina Aranda

Special Event!

April 26
7:00 PM
Razzo Hall

92 Downing St,

Worcester, MA 01610


Free Screening of
Two Lives in Pittsburgh

A Special Screening of Two Lives in Pittsburgh
by Clark University Alumni Brian Silverman


Confronted by his mother’s illness and his child’s exploration of gender, a traditional blue-collar guy is torn between who he has always been and who his child needs him to be.

Screening with these shorts by Clark University Students:

Long Play by Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui

Ask the Birds by Nicole Overbaugh

UnderGround Wednesday
World Premiere of A is For Alice

The Mass Indie Film Festival and UnderGround Wednesday join forces to present the World Premiere of A is For Alice (Italy) by Sharon Grace Badiato kickstart the Mass Indie Film Fest.

The film portrays a dystopian world very close to us where people hibernate every November and wake up in the spring. 

April 24th at 7:00PM

35 Major Taylor Blvd, Worcester, MA 01608

April 26

To Die Alone by Austin Smagalski
Screens with
Winter’s Passing by Yang Fei    

Short Doc Block

There Are Things to Do by Mike Syers

Mama by Dylan Kelley Bowen                

Ototeman by Stéphanie Marie MELYON-REINETTE                 

Bearing Witness: A Name & A Voice by Dina Jane Rudick
The Orchestra Chuck Built by Christopher Stoudt     

Driftwood by Marina Khananayev    

Feature Doc
We Are The Warriors by David Camlin & Megan Grumbling
Screening with
Hear Me by Dave Simonds


Local Feature

Super Beef by Nicholas D'Agostino
Screening with
er by Steph France

April 27

International Shorts

Laundry Isle by Alice Evans (United Kingdom)            

The Last Snow by Shayan Naghibi (Iran)            

The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by Neil Weatherall (UK    

Seed by Patricio Mosse (Spain)                

Midnight Ride by Alessandro Farrattini Pojani (UK) 

Nur & Abir by Manu Gómez (Spain)        

The Lonely Doryman by Noah Duarte (Portugal)        

The Special Seat by Akira Okumura (Japan)            

Craftwork by David Pérez Sañudo (Spain)            

Experimental/Animated Shorts Block

Jasper’s Tales by Michael Neel & Jasper Neel                

Another You by Theadora Shorrock Nedvins            

Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Deven Verma    

Childsplay by Juliana Gómez Mira                

Fixer by Alexandra Holland                    

Reverie (a Dream) by  Peter Perenyi                

Zhuyka/Cud by Anne Ciecko            

Pickwick Road by Sam Kane         

Breathe by Loi Huynh & Jordan Waterworth

The Saga of the Golden Potty by Samarah Hasan-Kepes

          & Gyuri Kepes    

Toad in the Hole by Oliver Brubaker

Break Bread by Chuchu Ikoro            

Fred and Frankie by Kate McNeely & Jenny Shuermann           The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth by Joël Gibbs                

Feature Doc
The History of Metal and Horror by Mike Schiff
Screening with 
Dad Rock by Eshani Chakrabarti

Ugly Sweater by Lauren Musgrove

Screening with

Homeward Drift by Eric Banks    

A Woman, a Priest, and a Comedian by Kim Christel  


Horror Shorts Block 

Laura Lisa by Sophie Carleton

Incubus by Doug Tarnovean

Ractors by Shankar Sudhakaran & Eva Nel Brettrager            

Stove Bird by Ryan Arnold                

The Devil on Derby Street by Luke St Germaine

The Melting Hymn by Bridgette Cannell

Killing with Kindness by Patrick Rahall

Untenable by Kaemon Hiraki & Kayla Dalton

The Surrogate by Erica Stockwell-Alpert

This is My House by Connor Morley


All Locations

Hilton Garden Inn Worcester

35 Major Taylor Boulevard
Worcester, Massachusetts 01608


39 Hamilton Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550

Traina Center For the Arts

92 Downing Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610 

April 28

Local Feature

Off-Color Daze by Nick Kairit
Screening with
My Over There by Bob Celli

Shorts Block

Last Words of Lord Carrington by Larry Loring

Dibs on Mars by Julia Tutko-Balena                

Three AM by Karin Trachtenberg                

She, Who Dared by Gabrielle Rosson

Swing 46: The Last Swingin Supper Club by Jay Kay 

A Capsule for Robin by Lalithra Fernando            

Insurgent by Joe Lemieux

A Momentary Stop by Brittany Severance & Amelia McCarthy

Shorts Block

The Piece by Emma Young                

Waiting for Beckett by David Kloepfer

Bender by Joe Camara

Addiction by Maria Filippone                

Apophenia by Billie Frank Smith                

Two-Lane Bike Trail by Mingen Tan

Beyond Failure by Marissa Losoya

A Long Lived Obliquity by Azgad Abraham Crisostomo
Alright Robot by Tova Hopemark

The Scene - Director's Cut by Connor Morley            


April 25 - 28
Screening Exclusively on the 
Shawna Foundation Patreon Site


I Want to Live on Mars by Mariya Somova  
Monsters Within by Devin Montgomery  

The Wheel of Heaven by Joseph Badon 
This Time by Robert George Vaughn (Canada)     


Feature Docs

Alone by S Columbus (Local)  
One Door Closes by Anna K. Walsh (Local)
Sara’s Circus by Meagan T Frappiea & Bryant Naro (Local)       

Four Seasons of Youth by Essi Rafael (Brazil)

Undivided Us by Kristi Kendall           


All The Paths by John William Malesevic (Local)
Confession by Justin Lombardi (Local)
Malibu Soda by Lucas Arruda (Local) 

I Still Love You by Diane Pontius          

The No Problem Zone by Nicholas Sennott       


Experimenal/Animation Shorts

Before The Freeze by Tenley E. Raj
Dawn of Death by Armin Rajaei (Iran)     

Little Hurts by Debra Solomon      




Unproduced Screenplay Finalists  

Short Screenplays

Actualization by Jaina Cipriano
The Best of Times by Robert J Lanciani

Fell Right Next to the Tree by Jaina Cipriano

GASP by Steph France
Grief by Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo
Killing Myself for Someone Else by Tabatha Jeaux Dummitt
Pulse by Sonia K. Hadad
Radio Waves by Michael Neel & Joe Lemieux
That One Friend by Chris Esper


Feature Length Screenplays

Assassination of President Duke by Xi Ren

Bon Accord Amy/Bly? by John Anthony Coyle
Deerfield Beach by Erick Harvey Castrillon

Fade In, Fade Out by Rob Levinson

Gala by Steven Keith Bogart
The Golden by Luke LoCurcio
On the Last Day by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll
Sacred Sun by Michael Louis Gould

Silas by Daisy Weaver

Werner's Turn by Jim Amatulli & Brien Master
You Saved Me by Sarah Dassero

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