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Enjoy some scenes from SSFF2017!

Thank you to our amazing filmmakers, audience members, volunteers and SSFF2017 partners and collaborators who made our 6th year a smashing success!

Skip with our UK friends Matt & Lee
Erin, Gigi and Skip
The Fantastic Father-Daughter Team
Laura, Colin & Christine
Cousins! Andrew, Erin, Stephen
The Amazing Lou with Skip
Team Richard Griffin
Anthony and his Gerrity Award
We are Family!
Richard Griffin and Skip
Tim and Mike
We dig Anthony Ambrosino!
Lou: The Women In Film Award
Awards time
Gigi with Laura Pepper
The Famous Pink Stars
Talking film at QVCAH Art Center
Q&A, we love it!
Mike Messier
Jim and Mike
Gigi & Laura talk with the audience
Q&A time!
Madison Durand
Madison talks movies
Erin and her ladies
The Amazing Billy and John!
Q&A at Starlite
Photo time at Starlite
Ready for a screening
Thank you QVCAH!
Fabulous Q & A at the Art Center
Thank you John and Mara!
Couldn't do it without Billy & Mara
Hamming it up
Let's talk about Theta States
Lindsay and Manny with Skip
Beautiful art of Ryan Vahey
Andrew's pre-SSFF test run
Pre-show chat
SSFF 2017
Andrew test runs Dogged
Hello Patrick!
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