The Shawna E. Shea Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Shawna Shea, who at 16 tragically lost her life in an automobile accident in 1999. The Shawna Shea Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a female Uxbridge High School graduate who exhibits Shawna’s character and personality—qualities that made her unique and left a lasting impact on everyone she touched in her short life here on Earth. 

Those qualities are best described in a poem written by her father Skip Shea entitled, “She Rode Her Own Wave.” It begins with these words:   


 She Rode Her Own Wave
               inviting any and all on, 
               but never drifting off on others. 
               It was a large wave 
               with a direct route to the shore 
               passing us as the undertow 
               pulls us further out.   

Shawna’s family believes that she would always want to help her friends and anyone who lives on the margins of life, who rides their own wave and yet deserves everything beautiful that life can give.   

The Shawna Shea Memorial Scholarship Fund also includes a memorial award in the name of Michael Liberty, Shawna’s late cousin. This award is presented to a male Uxbridge High School graduate who exhibits the qualities of inclusion and respect for all abilities and interests.



1. Applicant must be an Uxbridge High School Senior

2. Applicant must include high school transcripts, a 500-word essay and household income

3. Applicant must be a resident of the Town of Uxbridge


To honor Shawna, the family considers other aspects that reflected her life. We encourage students with average grades but with higher aspirations to apply. Students whose total gross household income of less than $75,000 will be given priority consideration.



For more information on how to apply for the Shawna Shea Memorial Foundation Scholarship at Uxbridge High School,

contact the Guidance Office at 508-278-8633





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