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July 24 - 27

starlite 39 Hamilton St Southbridge, MA 01550

Tickets are only $10.00 each and can be purchased right here!

World Premiere of HUNGER
by the Women in Film Fellow Monaye Moyes

We are excited to screen the World Premiere of a film by our 2023 Women in Film Fellow, ​Monaye Moyes.

Monaye is a hard of hearing Latina actress based in Los Angeles, California. In September 2010, Monaye enrolled at UCLA's School of Theater, completing her studies in 2015. Monaye has also studied at James Franco's Studio 4, Playhouse West, Stan Kirsch Studios, and The Second City. After living in London, and receiving her Master's Degree in Securing Human Rights, Monaye returned to LA to continue acting and writing for film, television, and theater.

This Shawna Foundation program is one of our first and is near and dear to our hearts. Since 2015, we have awarded 14 Fellowship awards.

Come see HUNGER on July 27th
, 5:30PM at starlite.

Tickets Here!

Opening Night at starlite
July 24th 5:00PM


The Opening Night Block of Shorts!

#TalithaKoum by Misty Grace               
PSA: Exploring kink in your neighborhood by Chris Sherman         

Last I Saw Him by Matilda Morales      
Madigan's Again by Kristin Koliss              

Insurgent by Joe Lemieux              

My Dog by Ryan Bennett             
The Lost Weekend by Charlie Norton               

BF by Jamie Addison          
Reimage by Jo O'Donnell              

The Longing by Rob Lee             



World Premiere

Happy Hour by John J. Lynch


Short Film

Jack Sullivan has to decide between his brother's debts to the mob

and the bar he owns and loves.


Happy Hour.png

July 25th

Just One Last Thing.jpeg

Just One Last Thing by Alexandra Gillespie


A charming film about a terrible murder. 

Etta takes a job managing a half-way house between life and death, where newly deceased guests have the chance to do one last thing before crossing over. When her murdered friend arrives in breach of all the rules, she must juggle her responsibilities to the guests, help her friend get justice and not get caught by her interfering boss.

Screening with the Shorts
Coffee Daze by Ashlee Dell'Arciprete
Just Wait by Daniel Bartlett


Shorts Screen First


Experimental, Animation & Music Shorts


Ambrosia by Julian Loida

One World is Writing by Samantha deManbey

Presence by Nasim Dehghannayeri

Incantations by Amanda Besl

Ototeman by Stephanie Melton-Reinette

form by Adam E Stone

Madame by Kerry Muir

Iron Chap by Timothy Olive
An Ongoing Conversation by Julia DeSantis

Raindrops by Hart Ginsberg

Close to You by Krista McCarthy

Rattle by Jaina Cipriano
Incantations by Amanda Besl


Artists On The Edge.jpeg

Long Shorts Program


He’ll Be Home For Christmas by Seth Chitwood
The Bell by Doug Gordon    
Dad’s New Roommate by Patrick F Devaney
Artists at the Edge by Patrick A Riviere


Recovery City by Lisa Olivieri


A raw exploration of what it means to be in recovery as seen through the eyes of four women whose lives share a common thread: addiction. In the working class city of Worcester, Massachusetts, Christine fights to regain custody of her young children while grappling with a traumatic past, and battling stigma from the very systems that are designed to help her. Bridget, who found recovery while in prison, now facilitates peer-led support meetings for women. On the frontlines, recovery coaches Janis and Rebecca navigate the city’s toughest corners offering support and trying to save lives. In this portrait of resilience, grit, and camaraderie, the women use their lived experience to lift up those still struggling while refusing to give up hope.

Screening with the short:
Balance by Tim Kellner
Shorts Screen First

Recovery City.jpeg

Shorts Program


Rest by Joan Cassin              
Untold Legends by Chris Denmead        

A Momentary Stop by  Brittany Severance       

The Scene by Connor Morley           

Invisible by Ryan Nunes             
Mars Hill Bait and Ammo by Alfred Thomas Catalfo 

Ignis by Mick Gorley
Fall by Bryan Casey                

BeeHarmony by Julia Tutko-Balena          
Shame by Kelly Lynn Warren           
Rubbernecking by E. K. M. Watson           
3:33 AM by Matthew Marin
Quiet by Carolina Ribeiro     



July 26th

International Shorts


Jenny´s Absinthe by Gregor Gašperin (SLOV)
Curettage by Sepideh Ghavami (IRAN)

Cycle by naz çaybaşı (TR)

Petricore by Lilith Primavera (IT) 

Seven Sisters by Isabella Culver (UK)

A Summer's End Poem by Lam Can-zhao (CHINA)

This Side Up by Barbara Davis (UK)
The Doll by Will Haynes (UK)


Like Ashes.jpeg

Like Ashes in Your Coffee (Israel) by Yael Segal


We barely see Mrs. Segal (Noa Kohler) without a cup of coffee in her hands. She needs something strong and daily while she takes care of her husband (Angel Bonnani), who fights an aggressive brain cancer. Between one intimate moment to another, we get a glimpse of their love, the new family in which the Indian help is a part of, the brutal episodes in the hospital, and slowly but surely, Mr. Segal's condition is deteriorating. 

Her will to keep him alive, and his will to remain human, are defeated, as nature wins and Mrs Segal is left alone with us, and with our shared sense of grieving these feelings.

Screening with the Short
The Last Butterflies by Patrick Rae 


Shorts Screen First

Horror Feature
Fragment by Robert Vornkahl 


Isolated in the her desert home, a computer programmer struggles to cope with unexplainable occurrences that begin to unravel her reality.

Screening with the Shorts
Two Knocks on a Door by Sean Kenealy   

Shorts Screen First

Everwinter Night.jpeg

Local Feature
Everwinter Night by Adam Newman

Lifelong best friends, Maddy and V, set out for a relaxing vacation. When their old college clique hijack their plans, V finds herself at a remote ski lodge where a group of mysterious wealthy men throw a celebration century in the making.

Screening with the Short
The Doer by Richard Williams


Shorts Screen First

Horror Shorts


Forever War by Shana Figueroa

The Guest on Topsfield Road by Luke St. Germaine

Teeth by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

The Sins of Salem by Brad Courtemanche

Cooking 4 Friends by Patrick Rahall

Sweet Dreams by Ashes Rahall

100 Proof Warlock by Lizzie Finn

Forward by Paul McGinnis

Onychophagia by Dylan LaRay

A Calling by T Cat Ford



July 27th

I Had a Strange Dream.jpeg

Student Shorts (With Coffee & Donuts) 


Listen by Jylah Bah                

I Had a Strange Dream by Mira Haley Steuer        

Lost Boys Pizza by Cassie Llanas              

I Myself Alone by Darcy Lally              

Ask The Birds by Nicole Overbaugh           

Will-O'-The-Wisp by Emily Gelinas              

Would You Still Love Me? by Maya Huggins              

Lux by Mira H Steuer           

Guiding Light by India Anne Mitchell            

The Protagonist by Mattingly Wood           

The Pinball Witch by Nadia Cox            

Ms.Goroshkina is Writing a Book by Elena Smirnova


Don't Forget to Leave by Bill Fulkerson


Tim Landers, a prolific songwriter and founding member of the emo/pop-punk band TRANSIT, struggled. He fought battles, often privately, with substance misuse and his own mental health needs. "Don’t Forget To Leave" paints a poignant portrait of Landers, from his early success up until the posthumous release of Weathervane by his band Cold Collective. His story is chronicled through archival footage and interviews with members of A Loss For Words, The Story So Far, Frank Turner, Man Overboard, Transit and Cold Collective, family members and mental health professionals.

Screening with Short
Monumental Healing by Laura Gallagher

Shorts Screen First

Don't Forget to Leave.jpeg
Hope Ryder.jpeg

Shorts Program



Teacup by Katie Killourhy
Still by Rakefet Abergel             

Joey by Jerry Landi                

Ouchie by Kyle Kutcha              
Hope Ryder by Matt Gorman              
Pocket Money by Alex DiVincenzo           

Between Floors by Jonathon Millman 
Because I Love You by Bob Celi               

Desperately Seeking Sikh by Kelly Goldstein    Year 10 by V. Leigh



Closing Shorts Block



Don't Fall From Grace by Carley Byers

The Painter by Jimmy Martin

Nuclear by Maya Huggins

The Streetlight by Sophia Parella
Laura Lisa by Sophie Carleton

Apophenia by Billie Frank Smith

The Locked Door by Richard Griffin

Concessions by Lindsay Serrano

The Halloween Party by Erica Stockwell-Alpert

Hunger by Monaye Moyes

A Lovely Sight by Norah Laoui



Don't Fall From Grace.jpeg

July 24 - 27 
Patreon Exclusive Screenings

A is for Alice Poster.jpeg


A is For Alice by Sharon Grace Badia

A Stranger in the Woods by József Gallai

Bonnie & Clive
 by  Kevin Short

Money Game
 by  Julian Lowenthal

Super Beef
 by Nicholas D'Agostino


The alchemist's dance 
by Arantxa Vela

by S Columbus

Behind The Glass Wall by Gloria Kurnik

One Door Closes: Korey's Courage

 by Anna Walsh



Short Documentary Block

Call Them Athletes by Torin Jade Ives    

A Dr. Mario Love Story by Mark Scheetz

Beyond the Silence by Terry Katz

Shorts Block One

Disregard by Mike Messier

Enter the Room by Harry Waldman

Casting Kill by Mark Parker

Tim Ruffo "Showdown" music video by Tim Ohearn 

Interview with the Devil by Kyle Coffman

Groomsday by Kyle Coffman

Luminous by Joseph Marcello  

Shorts Block Two

Exceptional Women Filmmakers Spotlight

She Who Dared by Gabrielle Rosson

Golden Time by Atefeh Rahmani

Blue Bear Woman by Claude Hamel

July 25 at 4:00PM
Jacob Edwards Library 

Join us for a free screening of the documentary Blue Bear Woman by Claude Hamel

This feature-length documentary feature the arts of

Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau, an incredibly talented native author, painter, poet, sculptor and storyteller.

Virginia is a Cree artist of mixed parentage whose mother was from the Eeyou (Bay James Cree) nation. She is the recipient of the

Médaille de l’Assemblée Nationale of Quebec and has received considerable recognition in the artistic world.

Filmmaker Claude Hamel will be in attendance.
The event it free.


07-06-24 SSFF2024_Blue Bear_free screening poster.png

UnderGround Wednesday
SSSF Special Edition
July 31st

Zaman Dark by Christophe Karabache 


Lebanon on the verge of the abyss. Khattar and Anaïs, two laid-off chemists attempt a unique experiment: to survive by feeding on human flesh.

One day, the woman disappears. The man is pulled into a trafficking scheme which entails exporting human meat, and in return, importing high-tech digital sniper weapons…

Screening with the Short
Dick Pic: An Unsolicited Microshort by Patrick Rahall

The Event Is Free
at starlite 39 Hamilton St. Southbridge

Screenplay Competition Finalists

Short Screenplays

Actualization  by Jaina Cipriano
Back Alley Birthday by Jaci Kjernander

Bagel Dog by Tracy L Swanson
Confessions of a Peeping Tom by Matthew Marin
Fell Right Next to the Tree by Jaina Cipriano
Oasis by Maya Corwin
Radio Waves by  Michael Neel & Joe Lemieux
That One Friend by Chris Esper
Things Unsaid by Robert John Lanciani
The Trouble with Jenny by Rani Deighe Crowe
Twists Of Fate by Jaci Kjernander
We Will Never Be by Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Ziva by Cécile Vernant

Feature Length Screenplays

All or None by Kristin Holodak
Completed Capacity by Nasim Dehghan nayeri

The Decision by Carlos Perez
Natalia Rising by Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Sacred Sun by Michael Louis Gould

Awards Ceremony Follows the Final Block on July 27th & Starts at 8:30PM.
at starlite
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