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The Shawna Foundation Presents 

The Scandriglia Film Festival

October 12, 2024


The Shawna Foundation presents the Scandriglia Film Festival in honor of Massimiliano Scacchi. 


Massimiliano was a wonderful husband, father and neighbor. He was also a visionary who  created a display along Scandriglia’s Via Entroterra of old farming tools and machines from the rural civilization’s history.


There are over a hundred pieces that can be dated from the end of the nineteenth century to the 1950s, when agricultural mechanization began. Along with the display of the old tools, lights stream throughout Entroterra as ambient music accompanies the path.

Massimiliano also created and has on display a beautiful and intricate presepe (nativity in miniature) for the Christmas season. He created all this because of his love for Scandriglia and it was his way to help rebuild the historic center of his town.


It was all of this that drew the Shawna Foundation’s President of the Board of Directors, Anna Chinappi, and Executive Director, Skip Shea to Scandriglia, where they quickly became friends with Massimiliano, his wife Emanuela Torri and his wonderful family. And very soon, they learned of his love for cinema, which is why a decision to create a film festival there is an easy one and the best way to honor him.


Scandriglia is a 15th Century medieval hilltop village surrounded by the hills of Sabina where you will discover some of the best olive oil in all of the world.  It’s a beautiful and unspoiled  historic rural mountain community, but only a 40-minute drive to Rome—the best of all worlds. 


The festival will take place at the Teatro Sant'Antonio in the historic center of Scandriglia on October 12th.

You can submit on FilmFreeway right here!

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