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We're accepting applications for the
 Women in Film Fellowship. 

Fellowship Alumni

Erika Chick was the inaugural 2015 Women in Film Fellow. Her film "Red Dress" was screened at the 2016 SSFF. She has gone on to make more movies.

Christine Hunt was the 2016 Women in Film Fellow. Her film "Namaste" screened at SSFF2017.

Christine Celozzi.jpg

Christine Celozzi is our 2019 Women in Film Fellow. We chose Christine because of her clear love of film and her goals of creating her own style and finding her voice as a filmmaker. She represents the very essence of what we are accomplishing in our programs and the reason why we established this Fellowship.

Alecia_fellow 2017.jpg

Alecia batson is the 2017 Women in Film fellow. Her first film "re|cord" premiered at SSFF2018 at the Ruth Wells Center for the Arts in Southbridge, opening the Experimental film block.

Erica S.jpg

Erica Schlier is the 2018 Women in Film Fellow. "Woman Walking: Becca" is Erica's first foray into filmmaking takes subtle body language and instinctual reactions to show feminine perspectives of life within today’s society. Her film was shot entirely on an iPhone 8-Plus and preimieres at SSFF2019.

Erin McNulty.png

Erin McNulty, our 2020 Women in Film Fellow, has unique ideas around merging the arts of dance and film. She is a Boston-based contemporary dance artist and educator. 

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