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2023 Schedule

Opening Night!

April 12

39 Hamilton Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts  

Shorts Block

Best Buddies by McKegg Collins   

An Occurrence by Dien Vo        
Art of Pizza by Marcus Ricci           

Candy Cakes by Joshua Gaestel   

Movement by Catherine Vouvray    

Crossing by David Leon         
Miles of Summer by Samson Zilic & Michael Paul         

Miles Of Summer Poster.jpeg
Special Event!

April 15
Studio 50 at WICN
50 Portland Street
Worcester, Massachusetts


Discussion with Jose Rivera

Meet the Oscar nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera. His screenplay “The Motorcycle Diaries,” was nominated for 2005 Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar (making him the first Puerto Rican writer so honored), BAFTA and WGA Awards.

This is a free event schedule for all who submitted screenplays to the festival. They are seated first. All other seats available on a first come first serve basis.

The Event is
Jose Rivera.jpeg
Special Screening!
Three Documentaries Screened for Free at Clark University.
Slatersville poster.jpeg
i am You Poster.jpeg

Friday April 14th at the Traina Center For the Arts at 7:00PM.

Slatersville: America's First Mill Village by Christian de Rezendes

Episode one of the Docuseries, "The Mental Smugglers"

I Am You by Noube Rateau & William Medero
A documentary that will take an objective look at all perspectives of immigration 

With the short 

The Boston Photograph by Clennon L. King

A 91-year-old woman remembers dating MLK and studying with Coretta before the two ever met in Boston.

35 Major Taylor Blvd, Worcester, MA 01608

April 13

True Believer by Alana Purcell
with the shorts 

Red light, Green light by Béatrice Vernhes 
Bloody Red by Hossein Abbasi Sharif Abadi

Shorts Block One
Sin Padre by Free Rodriguez                    
Heirloom by Miriam Grill            
Amityville: The People of New York 

vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr. by Rob Levinson             
When We’re Thirty
by Jonesy Moore & Tessa Zitter            
Where You’ll Be 
by Sokhean Ouk        

Shorts Block Two
Fortune Teller by Julia Tutko-Balena                 
by Viktor Herrmann                
Trauma Bond 
by Jaina Cipriano             
Blue Square 
by Tom Smith        


April 14

Poèmes (Spain) by Héctor Fáver
With June (New Zealand) by Dwayne Cameron

O! Melodious Movie: Side 1 by Melodious Zach & David Allen

With the shorts:Adam by Martin Balaguer

Amigos Tontos by Josh Kirk    

Ebb and Flo by Grace Soriano    

The Butterfly Queen by Liam O'Connor-Genereaux
With the short,
June 22nd by Michael T

Shorts Block Four                
Good Girl by Melissa Kain    
Stale Cereal by Steven Schloss & Deven Bussey    
Plant Story by Kelly Polk        
Hope Dies Last by John William Malesevic
Police Three by Jimmy Lucarz                    
Let Tomorrow Be by Peter Nogueira    

Two Eggs, Scrambled by Melissa Dimetres


April 15

Horror Shorts Block
Dungeon Cave by Tobin Cleary                       
The Pixiestick Incident by  Mike Henry
H.P. Lovecraft's Celephaïs by Michael Neel     
Stephen King's: All That You
   Love Will Be Carried Away
by Bolen Miller                
Farmer Ed by Azwan Badruzaman                
The Orb by Josh Kirk        
You're It by Herb Cremer & Joe Cremer
Sanctify by Jesse Torres  

Local Shorts Block
She Who Dared by Gabrielle Rosson
Guidance by Julia Tutko-Balena   
The Gambler by David R. Anderson              
Rabbit by Maggie Fox Talbot-Minkin
The Moon Made Me Do It by Amelia McCarthy
Earth Day by Samantha Rose Valletta & Shawn Gauvin               
Waysland by Lyria Garcia   
Piecing Together the Portraits

      of You by Dominique Holliday & Javier Castillo    
All You Want To Know by Laurel Kulow

Closing Block of Shorts
1st Memory by Chip Hackler             
I Am the Same by Michael Cook        

Through The Dust by Meghan McLyman        

Cotton Fever by Daniel Blake Schwartz            
Out, A Short Film by Seth Chitwood                    

Penny by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid            
Her Ghost by Jade Kerry                       
Subscribed by Diana Porter             
Becoming Green by Farah Rose Smith             
Petunia by Miriam Olken            
The Civet by Jose Rivera
MarriageFit by Rob DiNinni & Jeffrey Palmer      

Studio 50 at WICN 

April 13


Everybody Wants To Be Loved (Germany) by Katharina Woll
Wth the short Death and Stanisa (Montenegro) by Filip Prelević

Experimental Feature
Teacher of the Year by Jim Dalglish
With Dancing with Rosa (Spain) by Robert Muñoz Rupérez

Bloom by Christopher Dolan
With the shorts,
Bulletproof Bandit by Madeleine Gleason Derveloy

Funny Business by Josh Kirk


April 14

Short Documentaries
Encounters Behind a Grand Drape by Ruirui Zhang    

Front Line by Gino Canella              

 Quiet Rooms by Cole Tatham            

Love Without Parole by Greg Womble  


Kill The Darling (Italy) by Christian Pfitscher        

With the shorts The Dark Veil by Jefferson Thomas

Dig (Spain) by Isaac Cañizares     


Lightkeepers by Dante D'Amore
With the short Memory Lane by Steven LaMorte
And the Documentary For Nick, From Dad by Nick Damore        
Shorts Block Three
Projectionist by Deniz Akyurek & Noah Matalon            
Rent a Neighbor by Jim Morrison         

Lean Into The Darkness by Melanie Hayward         

Jerkwater by Miles Benson                 
The Hitman by James Pandolfo     
Map Heist by Teddy Pryor & Forest Quaglia            
Witch on Bridge Street by Luke St. Germaine             

PB&J by Marco Cadavieco         
Wicks by Vadim Egoul                         
Self Help by Ellie Race-Moore         
This is Not a Fugazi Doc by Jonathan Wolf Bradbury  


April 15

Experimental Shorts Block
Talking the Fire Out by Sam Witherow
Scollay Square Station by Niles Larson
Star Market by Elias Mallette & Zach Hoban
1979 by Mike Taylor            
Petrykivka by Anne Ciecko                                
An Inertial Frame

   of Reference by Damian Gonzalez & Jeremy Weinstein    

Tyranny of the Unafflicted by Adam E Stone     
Rudolf Duala Manga Bell –
   a German Story 
by Henrik Langsdorf
Waterlover, Watercarrier by Sloane Stone
Heart by Allison Chaves             
I, The Camera by Jimmy Jackson        

The Making of a Deathbed by Lilly Dickinson
with the short Blossoming by Lauren Musgrove

All Locations

Hilton Garden Inn Worcester

35 Major Taylor Boulevard
Worcester, Massachusetts 01608

Studio 50 @ WICN Public Radio

50 Portland Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01608


39 Hamilton Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550

Traina Center For the Arts

92 Downing Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610 

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