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Hi there. 

So you want to make a movie? 

We can help. 

We have a funding program called Micro Grants for Independent Filmmakers Program.


It's for all independent filmmakers who are deeply engaged with the art of filmmaking and the cultural and sociopolitical issues in the world around them. We are looking for insightful storytellers who use the medium of film to move people, incite critical thinking and help foster the love of cinema. And we're here to to assist micro-budgeted, expediently produced progressive, art house, fringe or genre short or feature films. These grants aim to support projects made by individuals living or working in United States.


Project proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and awards in the amount of $500 will be distributed in a calendar year granting cycle. The number of awards in a calendar year are at the discretion of the Shawna Foundation.


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